Teamwork and culture are the heartbeat of an organisation

“Not finance, not strategy, not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

Patrick Lencioni,  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Teamwork and culture determine how adaptable an organisation is, how loyal and engaged employees are and differentiate highly successful organisations from their competitors. It’s about creating a sustainable culture of high performance that impacts the bottom line.

At Developing Talent, we believe that creating high performing teams is about skills development leading to behavioural change. We use our extensive experience to design and deliver highly effective programmes, supported by the use of market leading tools. We listen to your specific challenges to develop an approach that is tailored specifically for your business and the culture you are looking to create.


Effective teamwork is more important to organisation's success than 5 years ago

Source: Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions Survey 2020

The sessions with Developing Talent were very engaging and relaxed.  We focus strongly on our culture at Microsoft and the sessions helped to develop the behaviours that support this.

Louise Cooke, Senior Manager, Microsoft

  • The impact of the sessions are very good or excellent 92% 92%
  • Likely or very likely to recommend 100% 100%
Everything Disc


Building better relationships at every level for a more effective workplace

The Five Behaviours


A tried and tested solution to develop high performing teams and a culture of teamwork

The Fearless Organisation


Measure and build the level of Psychological Safety in your team or organisation

Engagement Score


Understand how employees are feeling in key areas and how to improve engagement

Everything Disc

Everything Disc

Building better relationships at every level for a more effective workplace

This market leading solution delivers immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and the culture of organisations.

Everything DiSC® is a highly personal development experience that equips people with the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work.

Employees will have access to on-line resources which supports their development and delivers benefits beyond the initial programme.

The colleagues feature enables participants to understand the styles of specific colleagues and provides tips on how to best adapt and work with others.

Everything Disc

This solution can be delivered in a one day face to face workshop or over 2 or 3 virtual sessions, with ongoing development supported through the learning portal or with bespoke support.

“These Everything DiSC tools create a high-level of self-awareness that, quite frankly, no other tool can provide. And that core insight into one’s motivation and into the style and motivations of others is like fuel for employees to take the initiative to improve in their work, relationships, and jobs. While our culture was obviously already here, Everything DiSC really helped turn it on!”

Chuck Olsson, Chief Human Resources Officer, First United Bank

The Five Behaviours

The Five Behaviors ®

Develop high performing teams and a culture of teamwork

A highly effective, tried and tested solution to develop high performing teams based on The Five Behaviors ® model:

  • Trust: build vulnerability based trust between team members
  • Conflict: develop constructive conflict and hold candid conversations
  • Commitment: be able to disagree and still ‘buy in’ to team decisions
  • Accountability: take ownership and hold other team members accountable
  • Focus on Results: focus on the overall aims and goals of the team

Receive a deeply insightful team report, which includes measurement of the team against the five behaviours, individual personality types and insights on team strengths and areas to work on.

Progress reports can be used to measure improvement over time and to create additional insights that support sustained high performance within teams.

The Programme is tailored to suit your needs and can support a virtual or face to face off site team or can be shorter sessions spread out over a number of weeks.

“The Five Behaviors actually gave me something that was actionable and that the team could see as actionable, more at a collective level but also at an individual level. I got emails from people saying, ‘No one has ever invested in me this way. It’s fantastic!”

Darci Kleindl, General sales Manager, Microsoft Business Solutions
The Fearless Organisation

Psychological Safety

Understand the level of Psychological Safety in your team or organisation

In partnership with 3GHR and Professor Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard Business School

Psychological safety is the enabler of high performing teams. This insight is the result of almost 30 years of research by Amy Edmondson, reinforced by an extensive two-year research project among 15,000 employees done by Google (read about Project Aristotle in The New York Times Magazine).

If you do not feel safe in a group, you are likely to keep ideas to yourself and avoid speaking up, even about risks. Furthermore, if mistakes are held against you, you look to avoid making them and stop taking risks. Low psychological safety gets in the way of personal development and being able to develop as a team or organisation.

Psychological safety is defined as “a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes”.

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity

Willingness to help

Willingness to help

Attitude to risk and failure

Attitude to risk and failure

Open Conversation

Open conversation

Measure the level of Psychological Safety within your team or organisation followed by a facilitated workshop to develop this critical attribute.

The Psychological Safety Index maps how team members perceive the level of psychological safety and is a critical predictor of how your team will learn and work together.

Engagement Score

Employee Opinion Survey

Many high performing organisations undertake an annual Employee Opinion Survey, sometimes supported by a periodic Pulse Check (a smaller survey targeting specific areas of improvement).

A key benefit of an independently run survey is that it tends to create a higher degree of trust in the process, it is anonymous and therefore is likely to elicit a more accurate and honest reflection of how employees are truly feeling about a range of issues.

We manage the end to end process from communication, sending out survey links, tracking response rates to designing workshops based on the insights gained.

Our focus is on helping you understand what matters most to your employees and how you can prioritise actions including developing an inclusive action plan that will build engagement and improve the culture.

Engagement scores

We are partners with SurveyLab, who provide the ‘engine’ for our surveys and manage the data. They are a UK based company, founded in 2003, who specialise in employee engagement surveys. Their ‘tool’ has supported organisations such as the BBC, Bentley, Nestle and a host of SME’s. They conduct research and provide UK Company benchmarking against the results.

Learn more about how we can support you

We are happy to arrange an introductory call to understand your specific challenges and provide advice on the most effective development solutions.

“Developing Talent work seamlessly to deliver highly effective, insightful, and engaging approaches to development. They help teams to grow, and individuals to flourish. We are delighted to have aligned with them."

Max Hope, Partner, Phillips Law 

"Gary really knows his stuff and presents in a calm, measured and effective way. What I really liked was hearing how small steps can make big leadership changes. "

Emma O’Connor, Head of Training, Boyes Turner LLP

“Our Executive Team Off Site was thoughtful and thought provoking. Understanding the Five Behaviours and how we can apply this will help us gel as a team.”

John Cheney, Chief Executive Officer

“Great structure and pace to the event. Enabling the team’s understanding of the Five Behaviours model to support building a high performing team and understanding what is needed for our shared success was particularly useful.”

Liz Hatch,  Chief Financial Officer